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Privacy Policy

GAMCG | NWEDS takes its responsibility to protect the data of Members and those who use this site for sign-up purposes seriously.

Any electronic information held will be treated in the strictest confidence, protected by password, adhering to the GDPR (2018).  


NWEDS members (responders & volunteers) agree:

  • To access information only as required for bona fide purposes in relation to NWEDS and related activities (including clinical activities, governance, training, fundraising)

  • To allow their contact information to be shared

  • To allow their NWEDS email address to be publicall visible on the website

  • Never to upload any patient identifiable information or sensitive information onto the website

Individuals who sign up for Events & Join the Mailing List:

  • Agree that the information they provide (name, contact details, occupation) will be available to all NWEDS responders and volunteer administrative staff for use in relation to the organisation and provision of training/fundraising events.  This may on occasion include trusted external organisations such as local emergency services and partners (such as mountain rescue, Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust and training site partners). 

  • Understand that they must not send any patient identifiable or sensitive information via this website.

  • Understand that they may view any information held, or withdraw their consent to the above, at any time by emailing They may also unsubscribe to any mailing list at any time.

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