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The North Wales Emergency Doctor Service (NWEDS) is set up to provide skilled medical pre-hospital care. This involves attending medical emergencies that occur in North Wales as part of a coordinated response with the other emergency services.

The organisation works as a charity and hence is wholly dependant on donations. It is set up by doctors and full membership is only for doctors who are trained to attend incidents outside the hospital. These doctors attend in their own time and are paid no fees.

Each NWEDS doctor carries a whole range of equipment when attending the scene of the incident. All the equipment is bought with the help of the money raised by the charity.

These doctors are alerted when a '999' call is made from the scene of the incident.

The Welsh Ambulance Service Trust works closely with NWEDS to make sure that an NWEDS doctor is alerted to every serious incident.

Working with the ambulance service, the team responds to calls any time of the day all year round.

All the doctors of NWEDS are members of the British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS) and work locally in hospitals or general practice across North Wales.


We are very grateful for ViewRanger for providing us with free detailed OS mapping to assist with our Emergency Response.

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