• Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) - The Advanced Life Support Group began life in 1990 and became a registered medical education charity in 1993. The organisation exists to "preserve life by providing training and education in life saving techniques".
  • Boundtree - Bountree supply the medical equipment for Sandpiper Bags and provide BASICS Scotland members with a 10% discount.
  • British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS) - Formed in 1977, BASICS is a registered charity which acts as the national co-ordinating body for both schemes and individuals providing Immediate Care throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Resuscitation Council (UK) - The Resuscitation Council provide education and reference materials to healthcare professionals and the general public in the most effective methods of resuscitation.
  • - is an independent, non-profit organisation providing global education, information and communication resources for professionals in trauma and critical care.
  • - A website uniquely devoted to information on snow sports injuries and their prevention.